Koa Ike's Mission

…..Koa Ike’s mission is to serve the Waianae Wahipana (the leeward coast of Oahu) and to preserve its ancient cultural tradition.
…..Founded in 2003, Koa Ike has functioned in a significant capacity in the Waianae community. Its staff has assumed substantial roles serving as cultural consultants, training new Waianae teachers, teaching young people how to be haku (leaders), protecting iwi kupuna (gravesites), and preserving sacred and historic sites.
…..The cultural training focuses on cultural sensitivities and their importance for our local population. Moreover, Koa Ike has developed curricula utilized in the Waianae Kupuna program administered by the State of Hawaii Department of Education. The founders of Koa Ike have served as a resource for numerous entities within federal, state, and local governments concerning the historical and cultural sites on the Waianae coast.
…..All of this was done for free in the past, but the demands and needs have become so great that donations and honoraria are now sought.
…..Koa Ike, a non-profit 501(c)3, was established in concern for the growing needs of Original Hawaiians (native, aboriginal, national--some of the terms which others call us) and raising the level of prosperity for the entire Waianae community--on the one hand, preserving a cultural lifestyle, and on the other, leading toward a better future.

Rep. Cedric Gates introduced House of Representatives' resolution to honor Program Director of Koa Ike, Kumu Glen Kila, along with Twinkle Borge and Sam Kapoi. Holding the commendation is Ms. Kim Kila. Kila honored--640x320
This is the wording on the certificate:
The House of Representatives State of Hawaii hereby presents this
certificate to Glen M. Kila, Outstanding State and Community Leader,
The Koa Ike Foundation.

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